cross dressing

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    How did the 'Sissy' experience develop for you?

    For me, as far as 'sissy', I've been fascinated with girls anatomy, dressing and their power since I was about 6 yrs old. when playing games with kids on the street, I was either the leader, or the female side-kick. I've dressed up in my wife's clothes when she was at work and I was home...
  2. Y

    Chicago - closet dresser, sissy cuck looking for that slutty hotwife/slutwife/bad girl partner ;)

    Like the title says - new, no one yet to explore and have fun with. Watch cuckold, hotwife/slutwife, sharing, sissy clips, tumblr, you name it daily. Would love to find that person that knows just what kind of cuck / sissy cuck she wants and needs and also knows just that kind of bad girl her...