cuck panties

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    my wife..sharing her tonight
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    My cock is pretty much gone now
  3. P

    Hot video calls

    One day I decided to try wearing my wife panties while being dominated over a video call. The experience was extremely hot at first because came across guys that knew what they were doing but sadly I’ve lost contact (Snapchat) of pretty much all of them. I’m currently looking for strong male...
  4. B

    Sexy panties

    My wife is a petite little thing so I don't fit in her panties but I've got my own collection that makes me feel sexy and slutty. I've found that sofishie has good options for panties that fit men. Anyone else find any good options?
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  6. DarquesPassion

    Wife/GF panty sharing and mutual masturbation (London/UK)

    For quite a while, I have been in touch with a panty fetishist in London who enjoys meeting other guys, armed with their wives worn/dirty panties, with a view to enjoying a mutual wanking session with them. If you are interested in being put in touch with him, or just discussing this fetish...
  7. DarquesPassion

    Eva's hubby wants comments from al

    Thread deleted