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    love him
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    My wife is on her first date without me tonight.

    Feel like I've really got lucky, 2023 is shaping up to be an incredible year already. After meeting a guy on NYE and giving him a blowjob in town my wife really has embraced the whole "new year, new me" thing. She signed up to a dating app on her phone and has been swiping no end. She's matched...
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    New dating outfit of my Asian GL
  4. echwelbeter


    white bull, 47 looking to meet females for fun, in Amsterdam NL or nearby.
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    South Carolina

    I'm in Bluffton, SC
  6. GF sent her dating outfits

    GF sent her dating outfits

    GF sent her dating outfits
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    Chicago BBC seeking wife for relationship

    Hey there. I'm looking to be the boyfriend to a mature wife who wants to explore something different aside from her marriage. Obviously, the bedroom fun would be a main aspect of it but I would also like to get to know her and really be someone she could be with when she wants to have fun and...
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