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  1. blindfolded dick in mouth

    blindfolded dick in mouth

    Little sneak peek of a set - my wife lets me thrust my cock slowly in and out of her pretty wet mouth. She doesn’t know I’m taking these pics… the only thing she feels is my dick going in and out. Feels amazing.
  2. C

    Wife loves giving head how about your wives

    Let’s see your wives sucking cock guys
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    SLY Kitty getting dick. #Howtotreatawhitegirl
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  7. Sucking a Friend

    Sucking a Friend

    My wife says sometimes a guy just needs to have his dick sucked to let him know somebody still loves him.
  8. Lost Bet - winner gets blowjob for thee months

    Lost Bet - winner gets blowjob for thee months

    My wife knows not to bet on unknowns like sports. But, she sometimes misses like last week, she bet a guy at a bar that the Falcons would score two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. She lost, and now she has to suck this guy's cock for the next three months including swallowing to completion.
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    Former FWB, giving me my birthday present a few years back.
  10. Come suck me 🤤

    Come suck me 🤤

  11. XXavierAleXander

    What yal think?

    Yal think she is worthy of dick sucking champion? She loves the feed back and honesty
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    My bratty slut wife and me warming up .
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    wife slurps it all up