1. Beth65

    What was your first date like after a divorce?

    Ladies Im interested in discussing first sexual encounters after a long period of manogomy. What were your thoughts, how it went, what did you get out of it (if anything...) 😛🤪😮🙄🤣😍 How long did you wait? For me it was only 3 weeks after and i knew the guy who had flirted with me for ages 😏 Did...
  2. S

    Saving relationship

    So, we was in relationships 5 year. For 5 years my boyfriend was talking about his fantasies time to time. I was scared to cross this line but letting him talk about it, pretending that someone is coming, texting and sending my photos to another mans. About 6 months ago he broke up with me. He...
  3. C

    Hola todos

    Hello everyone, I am new at this and honesty scared maybe I can find some beautiful ladies to help me.