1. IMG-20230406-WA0000.jpg


    any lady who wants my creampie?
  2. nullpo420

    [Kitchener, ON] Straight M for MFM/Gangbang/Hotwife

    Kitchener ON straight 36m 6'1 185 lbs 6.5 cut trimmed. Looking for a woman/hotwife for play. Experienced with and love MFM, DP/DVP, spit roast, double blowjobs, gangbangs, cuckold. Very 420 friendly. Hit me up if interested.
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    Hard before breeding an asian wife from UK...her hubby has few spermatozoa.
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    Just before DVP with friend couple
  5. Kat and Micha Orgy Night Tulsa

    Kat and Micha Orgy Night Tulsa

    Finally met my new best friend! And I’m looking forward to doing more wild stuff with her soon!
  6. S

    Any bulls on sdc.com?

    My wife travels a lot and enjoys meeting bulls in every city but she's not had much luck lately. She mostly uses the swinger site sdc.com. just curious if anyone on here uses that site.
  7. DVP


    Wife taking 2 bulls bareaback
  8. wmv_623.MP4 im not beyond BEGGING!!

    wmv_623.MP4 im not beyond BEGGING!!

    He turned on the camera and said.. tell everyone what you crave! What you need. Ill post it! Yes I had 2 cocks in my cunt while im riding. Yes, Im greedy I want the next 2 ..and the next 2!!..... Ohh gawd he posted it..everywhere!!
  9. pull_them_i_cum-720p-mp4-480p.mp4


    im a dvp queen and you can tell.. any guys ..good at sharing..one cunt??? Its heaven when 3 of us are all spasming and pumping at once!!:)
  10. HDV_0990.MP4


    can you tell i like being videod and know you are going to see?? ohh and I do cum a bit harder when Im ...selling ..dont I??
  11. crissy in the midle 2 jpg.JPG

    crissy in the midle 2 jpg.JPG

    What my cunt loves. Posted for my friend Emily. She is going to start to ..luvv it too!
  12. HDV_1015.MP4


    yes ineed sharing since im a double cock junkie:)
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    Hotwife DP