1. Q

    Decent Male 35 from Dubai Would like to Give Massage to Female

    Hello Guy, I am 35 Male in Dubai belongs to India, Would like to give massage to female partner in couple or only women if its not couple.
  2. W

    Customized Erotic Stories

    Tell me a couple of your kinks. Send me real steamy pics of her ! I will write a story about what I will do to her including your personal kinks. Kinkier the better. No fake pics. I love erotica and role play, you can cum acting story out or read it aloud to your partner while rubbing one off.
  3. PB Rider

    Free 'first time hot wife / voyeur husband' story on Smashwords

    Moving my stories onto Smashwords over the summer, and here's a free story about a husband watching his wife pick up, seduce and fuck a younger guy for the first time. I hope you enjoy it. If so, please check out my blog for samples of many more stories.