1. Office Slut

    Office Slut

    How do you want me?
  2. 2052x3648_91cda6bb71290c7777fc1c15d40c1f31.jpg


    Just my boob :)
  3. EssexCuckCouple

    Wife’s started escorting

    Hi all my wife’s decided to start escorting from home while I’m out at work, I’m a little bit nervous about it and her safety but she assures me she’ll be fine
  4. F

    How can i convince my wife to have sex with others?

    Hello, I am 32 years old from Iran and I have been married for ten years. I would love to be a cuckold and I wish my wife would work as a prostitute. It is not for money. I really like she fuck with other guys. How can i push her to have sex with others? Several times I was able to convince her...
  5. greenshirtg.jpg


    photo of my wife from her escort page
  6. escort in Reno and Las Vegas

    escort in Reno and Las Vegas

    my man has turn me into a escort cause he knowns I love having guys fuck my pussy
  7. d7c5021581757f9886d3ccddc2aca4a4.mp4


    Part 2 of 2
  8. f74230591796558114fed28f3e354682.mp4


    My ex girlfriend that I found out was actually an Escort. I should have married her!
  9. Candy's nice ass, as she sucks

    Candy's nice ass, as she sucks

    I posted an escort ad on the web. I sucked and fucked all weekend.
  10. IMG_20180705_004438_829.jpg


    Escort wife after assignment
  11. Pimphubby

    My Hotwife the GFE escort

    Hey all, Husband 44 to a 37 year old Hotwife Escort She provides full GFE service to Tourists and Expats in our city. In an effort to chronicle the amazing journey, from suggesting the hotwife fantasy to my wife, and to her servicing her 16th client as a social escort last night. That this...


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