1. Escort hotwife

    Escort hotwife

    Getting cleaned up after work
  2. Benefits of working from the office

    Benefits of working from the office

    Blowing the boss
  3. Backing it up

    Backing it up

  4. Back to work

    Back to work

  5. Pimphubby

    Escort Hotwife

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    Part 2 of 2
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    My ex girlfriend that I found out was actually an Escort. I should have married her!
  8. Pimphubby

    Hotwife Escort on 6 day ASSingment in Singapore

    The hotwife escort on the job in Singapore. What was supposed to be a solo engagement evolved into a romp with her client and his 2 friends. Waiting for her at the airport while I post this . This was her 100th engagement in the 17 months she has been on the job. She has now been with 67 men...