1. Facefucking my wife

    Facefucking my wife

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  3. 30959EA3-8B9C-4CAF-A65C-F0CE4057151E.png


    Ask your wife if she would like to suck my cock? 😁
  4. Shafad

    Anyone want to talk about facefucking my unconscious girlfriend?

    Especially if your a bbc or a old perv but Anyone is still welcome
  5. 20230913_170940.gif


    Face Fucking SLY: A gif of compilation of different videos
  6. Gag Me Harder.mov

    Gag Me Harder.mov

    Your wish is my command!
  7. DSCN0002361.jpeg


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  8. Face Fucked Hard

    Face Fucked Hard

    Getting face fucked - as usual.
  9. Face Fucked

    Face Fucked

  10. Face Fucked and Squirting

    Face Fucked and Squirting

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  11. Wife Dominated By Hubby’s Friend

    Wife Dominated By Hubby’s Friend

    Wifey let a friend fuck her face while I filmed the action as a birthday gift for his 40th. He seemed to enjoy himself :)
  12. throatgoatxxx

    Fuck My Wife’s Throat

    She doesn’t call herself the THROAT GOAT for no reason. Here are a few gifs of her showing off her talents with me & lucky friends Tell us your favorite parts, we enjoy the dirty details :)