1. Need this Now

    Need this Now

    I’m on bottom with your nipples in my mouth feeling his thursts into your pussy
  2. N

    Bi curious looking for fantasy

    Never tried anything with another man but I have had a 10” dildo in my ass and it felt great. If there are any bi-curious bulls on here that could give me a glimpse of the real deal I would love it.
  3. F

    Sharing my drunk gf to a stranger

    I always had the fantasy to watch a random stranger fuck my drunk gf. I tried to make this happen once when we got drunk in a hotel room. I made her drink asmuch as i can and made her passed out so that i can call for room service and make the room boy to fuck her. As i am an indian and my gf a...
  4. A

    A picture of your wife when you first walk into the bedroom

    What would you do if you saw my wife like this lying in our bed?
  5. U

    I think she would look so hot, taking a big cock..

  6. T

    Cucked by lesbian

    Hey all, just wondering if anyone has a similar fetish as me. Although I’m into the idea of being cucked, I think the full jump is a bit far for both myself and my 20-something wife for now. I have a particular relatively more comforting fantasy about her being fucked by a lesbian woman with...
  7. FWBsLooking

    Vacation Fun Part 1

    Like many men I had been semi-jokingly discussing her being a bit of a slut for me for ages now, sending her cuckolding pictures and stories and discussing dogging etc with her. One night a couple of years ago I was sat in an hotel room away with business when she messaged me asking what I was...
  8. sajas2001

    22y old BBC/Bull/Daddy/Master

    Hey as my title says i am a 22y old bbc bull who is kinky I like to be called daddy even though the most woman would be older then me or couples. I have a special fantasy my fantasy is to have a long term relationship with a couple where i am the bull till eternal Its like C3 cuckolding. The...