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  1. shymalea62

    Humiliate me

    it's a bit weird to say but I like it when I get humiliated by a sexy woman or a guy who tells me i never ever gonna be with her because she is to hot for a sissy like me,telling me what she was doing or wearing for work,going out etc,just telling i,m a pretty little obedient sissy to be used
  2. A

    Male looking for Married female to get pregnant in Islamabad/ Lahore

    I am male 32 living in Islamabad...well educated and settle having good personality...I have 3 baby boy...if your husband is unable to make you pregnant ..I can make you pregnant I have tested myself having unbelievable fertility rate... alhamdulialh having capability to produce baby boy...I...
  3. A

    Male for couple and female for sex for reproduce baby boy

    : I am male 30 from Islamabad Pakistan..well educated and reasonable personality..I have sons..God has given me ability to reproduce boys....if any female or couple interested for fertility I am here to start this service from today for free on 20th Dec 2022..because this can saves many married...


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