first bull

  1. N

    Looking for a first hotwife experience in Louisville

    Myself (M22) and my latina wife (F25) are located in Louisville KY and want her to have her first hotwife experience. My wife has only ever been with me and would like to experience a well hung bull.


    Looks can be deceiving.
  3. YoungPetiteSlut

    Without Condoms?

    My girlfriend is having her first bull over this weekend. We met this guy online, he seems super nice, and he’s gotten tested so we know he’s clean. We’re both very excited for our first time. However, I’m curious on your thoughts regarding condoms. My girlfriend is on the pill and he was...
  4. bunnyandtim

    Icebreaker scene/first ever experience

    Not sure where to start, so if anyone wants more background feel free to ask for more details. We had our first sharing experience a couple of days ago. Seems like a few of you are keen to find out how things went so here's the story. We met the guy online and my wife has been chatting to him...
  5. bunnyandtim

    Sydney couple looking to meet guys for threesomes

    Married couple (10 years) from Sydney thinking about having a MFM threesome if we can find the right guy. Must be into chubby girls and be sensitive to her lack of experience. We're totally new to this and also not just looking something quick and nasty, so based on that we'd be looking to chat...
  6. S

    Saving relationship

    So, we was in relationships 5 year. For 5 years my boyfriend was talking about his fantasies time to time. I was scared to cross this line but letting him talk about it, pretending that someone is coming, texting and sending my photos to another mans. About 6 months ago he broke up with me. He...