1. Wife's feet

    Wife's feet

    My wife wearing sexy high heels
  2. Shoecumcplny

    Kissed wife’s feet with cum or another cock

    How many of you have a foot or shoe fetish and enjoy, showing off and kissing your wife’s feet or shoes on her feet? Who has licked their cum or another guy come off their wife’s feet? How did it get started and how often does it happen? Has anyone kissed or worships their wife’s feet while...
  3. IMG_20210811_013149.jpg


  4. PalePrincess

    Bama Couple New

    Fun couple who love to laugh. We enjoy meeting new folks. Foot fetish is a big thing in our lives. Intrigued by the wife sharing, hotwife, polyandry lifestyles. Have not gone any further than just talk but very interested on learning more and meeting men 30-50...Oops, just realized we already...