1. TheDrkKnight

    Stranger or friend?

    Hey! So hubby and I are new to the lifestyle and are wanting to bring another person/couple into the bedroom! We both agreed I could have sex with another man and he prefers not to have sex with another woman but it’s okay if another woman sucks his dick.. However, we can decide if its better...
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    the voice of the girl who record this is my gf and the girl sucking her boyfriend's cock and being fucked is her friend, I'm the one who is slamming her from behind,
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    My sexy wife sucking 3 cocks
  5. jynxedmickey

    handing out a mickey

    Hi all!!!! We are an open minded couple, and have been in this lifestyle for about four years. We are adventurous and like trying new things. For example, we have a "f**kit list", and looking for the right person or people to work on the list with us. She's more of a sub with a wild side...