friends wife

  1. My19yogf

    A few pics my friends pregnant wife sent me ;)

    Let me know in detail what youd do to her ;) she wants to know every detail
  2. M

    Guys that have fucked their best friends wife!

    My wife and I have had a few threesomes with my best friend over the years! They have been sporadic nights pretty much over about a 2.5 year period. I'm just very curious about what it feels like on my friends side?? I mean obviously he likes it but what sort of emotions and thoughts does he...
  3. S

    Question to you all.. Friends wife

    Good morning to you all, been around the cuckold lifestyle and have a huge fetish for older women. Within the last year or so a childhood friend of mind had opened up about playing games and what not and expressed the idea of being turned on when I told him how I felt about his wife. I found it...