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    Friend's Anniversary

    My friend @Impacking121 is celebrating his anniversary while his beautiful wife is reaching out looking for more. He loves to watch and hear how she can be pleasured in ways he never can. Wish them a happy anniversary…
  2. Spass zu dritt.mp4

    Spass zu dritt.mp4

    My Friends wife Rides my dick and He films
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    After shower.
  4. 4_5803236411649821892 1.mp4

    4_5803236411649821892 1.mp4

    Friends wife
  5. I cum huge again!

    I cum huge again!

    My tribute for a friends wife
  6. My another tribute for friends hotwife

    My another tribute for friends hotwife

    She always makes me so hard!
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    My friend's wife having Huge Tits

    I should apologize to my friend, but every time I see his wife, I just look at her huge boobs. I can imagine how they bounce when they fuck.
  8. Skärmbild (310).png

    Skärmbild (310).png

    The hottest position, a lady can be in - letting me watch how she moans as my dick slowly penetratets my friends woman that pulled her panties to the side, when i said so - Growing even harder, love watching me fucking you....
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    slutty friend's wife
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    slutty friend's wife
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    slutty friend's wife cunt
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    masked friend's wife loves sucking cock
  13. My19yogf

    A few pics my friends pregnant wife sent me ;)

    Let me know in detail what youd do to her ;) she wants to know every detail
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    Guys that have fucked their best friends wife!

    My wife and I have had a few threesomes with my best friend over the years! They have been sporadic nights pretty much over about a 2.5 year period. I'm just very curious about what it feels like on my friends side?? I mean obviously he likes it but what sort of emotions and thoughts does he...
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    Question to you all.. Friends wife

    Good morning to you all, been around the cuckold lifestyle and have a huge fetish for older women. Within the last year or so a childhood friend of mind had opened up about playing games and what not and expressed the idea of being turned on when I told him how I felt about his wife. I found it...