fuck machine

  1. S

    Shes gettimg closer ;)

    Good morning, afternoon or evening. Ill start off with this statement, I'm so lucky and my GF is absolutely gorgeous and oozes sexuality. She's 48yrs, spent all her life as a vegetarian which i believe is the reason she shows almost no signs of aging on her skin. She's such a prim proper...
  2. So good

    So good

    Highly recommend for when you can’t get a bull to do it properly
  3. New Toy

    New Toy

    My wife ordered a new toy for herself. I set it up for her and then she took it into the bedroom and used it by herself. She asked how it felt for me to be replaced.
  4. Practicing with Shane Diesel

    Practicing with Shane Diesel

    Shane makes her moan!!
  5. Creaming on BBC Dildo

    Creaming on BBC Dildo

    She loves to get fucked hard and deep with her fuck machine and BBC dildo.
  6. BBC dildo on fuck machine

    BBC dildo on fuck machine

    She loves a thick long bbc
  7. Wife’s BBC dildo

    Wife’s BBC dildo

    She loves it deep and thick
  8. Wife’s BBC dildo

    Wife’s BBC dildo

    She loves a bbc dildo on her fuck machine