girlfriend arse

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  3. a while back

    a while back

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    That's deep.
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  6. After Gym Fucking.

    After Gym Fucking.

    We both always leave the gym feeling hot and bothered, so we decided to have our own post work out. Something about the gym turns Ali on, she always comes home soaking wet, to my benefit.
  7. Entertaining Herself.

    Entertaining Herself.

    Whilst I work late, Ali has to entertain herself, I’m the lucky guy who gets sent the entertainment to enjoy. I’m gonna enjoy it first hand when I get home. Until then, she wants to share this with you all to enjoy too.
  8. Clap, clap, clap.

    Clap, clap, clap.

    Baby girl clapping that ass for everyone who enjoys her and our content.. pull her hair and bend her over? Guess I will.
  9. Early Morning Fuck.

    Early Morning Fuck.

    Ali and I woke up early to head to the gym before work, we read all the comments and reactions on here together with a cuppa before hand. As you can see we had our own work out at home first. We where both so aroused. This is the first time of us showing videos of this nature. Be kind.
  10. Self Fuck. Bouncing on her Dildo.

    Self Fuck. Bouncing on her Dildo.

    As the votes are in, we received a lot of love with the idea of showing Ali, she’s apprehensive about this but she loves playing with herself, she loves playing with her toys. There’s nothing more I adore than watching her bounce on her dildo. So we hope it’s something you all adore too 😍😍
  11. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Work her out, like she works out.

    I love to watch her work out at home, I have my own work out planned.
  12. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Who’s face is available for sitting on?

    Ali has such a peachy ass not to mention the most beautiful petite little pussy. She wants to know who’s face is available for sitting on? 🍑
  13. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Wakey Wakey sexy baby.

    We where up and at it early for a Sunday morning stroll, before we left she got dicked down. The fucking and walk must have taken it out of her, we got back home and now baby girl is taking a power nap.
  14. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Saturday night shenanigans.

    She said she wanted us to stay at her home this evening. I guess looking absolutely divine like this, I have no complaints with staying at her place. Saturday evening shenanigans in full force. Who else wants to spend their evening with her?