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    Holiday & fun with locals ( young couple)

    Hi there, we are young couple. Looking for s experience where we can travel & meet with locals, stay at their place, doing some chore or work in a farm & also some fun on the side. Any suggestions? Ideally in europe ( greece/ italy etc )
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  6. CuckoldParNi

    Couple looking for bull in Greece

    Hi, We'll be coming to Greece again this year (and next year) and we would like to spice up this vacation. Looking for solo bull, well endowed. This will be our first experience. Please contact us here or via email for contact. We are a couple, 43/41, in good physical shape, fun and open...
  7. Achilles_The_Bull

    From Turkey, Greece, Cyprus?

    Greek bull here. But i am really stop trying here. Just log in time to time. People should understand that we are not kids all here , we can talk straight, if you don't like it ,just can tell we are not fit no need to say lies to keep a conversation.