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    Just getting started

    Hi! I’m a lucky man. My wife has agreed to become a hotwife. Now the search begins for a quality bull. Not quite sure where to start finding him. Do we place an ad on a swinger’s site, or maybe on Doublelist? We’re not the swinger club type, nor do we hang out in bars. How did you get started...
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    Best way to verify potential partner?

    Experienced people of "Wife Wants to Play." When you meet a potential partner online, how do you verify that the person you're talking to is real? For when you're ready to take the next step and meet in person. For me, my verification policy has changed over the years. Currently, I prefer to...
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    The first step towards sharing your wife

    Husbands willingly share their wives for many reasons. Some desire to approach bisexuality, without actually touching it. These husbands take great vicarious delight in watching their wives please another man's cock. Other husbands hope to perform a preemptive strike of sorts; knowing that their...