1. hubbysexywife

    Wife saw bigger cock in front of you

    Have you ever been in a situation where your wife/girlfriend saw a big cock, bigger than yours, in your presence? For example, watching a porn video, or even better live, in presence, such as at a nudist beach, or skinny dipping with friends, or naked guys in front of her? Did she say any...
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    Sexy Lingerie.jpg

  3. hubbysexywife

    Trying make my wife a Hotwife - Am I on the good way?

    Hi, we are married for about 15 years and a few years ago i start fantasised about see my wife well fucked by another guy. We are a little above middle 30's couple. She is a very beautiful brunette with very attractive big boobs that always get a lot attention. I never though i would get this...