1. Mfmcuzthreeiskey

    Does anyone know......

    Does anyone know what the technical term is if any to this fantasy scenario where the wife is shared with her son /sons and her husband equally as the house whore slave being very submissive to her very dominant men. ?
  2. Amber Black

    Question Please give feedback

    Ok, I'm Amber and when I was younger (16) my dad would let me drink with him. There was a few times he snuck in my room, pulled my panties aside, and licked my pussy. He came on it one time, and he took pics. I pretended to be asleep. Looking back I think it's because I didn't want him to...
  3. Macmmot

    Real life experiences

    When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom quickly became a pass out cold drunk and I would find her around the house half undressed or completely naked passed out cold drunk sleeping. This is the first time I ever had a grown up woman nude and I was excited to see her nude body. Mom had...