1. H


    I'll sext with your slutty hot wife or girlfriend while sending you screenshots of how much of a slut she is kik: dickinyourwife
  2. DarquesPassion

    New KIK group for Cuck discussions

    Hi, all I have recently created a new group on KIK, which I have also promoted through Fetlife, for cucks, bulls....and the just curious, to chat and share experiences, pictures....and even meet for real!! It is called "My Ex-posed wife/girlfriend" and you can get an invite by messaging me, with...
  3. chris90ice

    kik group for wifewantstoplay

    Hey, as i could see in the past, a lot of members using kik. I am thinking about creating a group. Only for verified members of course. Maybe even multiple groups to organize it. For example: a group for each country. What do you think? Answer the poll and let me know your thoughts. Update: I...
  4. strong.desire

    Any sissy cuck wanna share his girl or a family member? a dominant bull here

    So as you see my username: strong.desire .. the name speaks for itself ;), I have that strong desire of owning someone's own property (mom, wife, gf, sis... etc ) whatever so PM me or just kik: strong.desire snap: wezosnap
  5. DarquesPassion

    Genuine, experienced mature UK Bull/Dom seeks LDR with genuine cuckcouple

    A great big "Hi" from here in the UK!! I have been on here for a few days now, and have enjoyed what I have seen! It is nice to find a site for genuine people, and to be able to interact in real-time! One of my previous experiences (and they have been many!) has been conversing with...
  6. E

    Bull looking for cucks who want me to talk to their wives/girlfriends

    Hello there. I don't know how much interest there is in a thing like this but I'm a 23 year old guy who is willing willing to perform as an online bull who your wife/gf can message when you are/aren't there so if you are interested just reply to this or send me a private message. I think this is...
  7. I

    My fiance turned into a taboo slut stories n pics on kik

    My fiance of the last year got interested into being more free and trying meeting new people. I thought she just meant friends so I let her use tinder to meet new people little did I know she's meet some messed up people and become a complete slut and cuckold me. Shes tried some taboo stuff...