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    Would you let a young bull sext your wife/girlfriend??

    Hey! Just a UK BWC looking for cucks who aren't afraid to let their wives or girlfriend talk to me with the intention of getting to know them a bit and seeing where it leads... If thats sounds intriguing feel free to shoot me a message!
  2. Can you do better

    Can you do better

    Me in my wife , looking to see if bigger would would take control
  3. G

    Seduce my wife upstate NY

    My wife and I have experimented with cuckolding before and she is on board. I have gotten several videos from her, however I think it would be a bit more thrilling if it was less planned and she was seduced, as in I "don't know" it's happening beforehand. If there's a bull that's willing to...
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  6. Myhotwifey1

    My hot wife

  7. Interested?


    Ready to fuck your wife
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    My wife after shower zensored only true friends will become the originals :) just msg me for more
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