mastercuckold 4 female / couple

  1. inchargeind3

    Giving up ownership

    To any of our lovely ladies in here, do you consider yourself fully submissive and am looking for the right bull to give up control to? Do you have a stressful job or home life and want a real man to make all the decisions in the bedroom? Its very rare to find a woman that craves it, but...
  2. Oz_adam.mp4


    When I see a delicious wife on here...
  3. 1sweetcouple

    Glad to be in this supportive environment.

    Hello and am glad to be a new member here. I love seeing all this information and hopefully will learn that I am not alone and more normal than I knew. I posted a question about my wife trying out being a submissive to a dom couple. New territory and concerned, any advice will be welcome. Thank you.
  4. mastercuckold

    **merry cristmas** 4 all

    im mastercuckold for female / couple skype_ nolimit20001 ... and mail box _ sperme_man2001@yahoo my pic pv nud in this links


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