1. F

    Help a newbie with advice

    Hello everyone!I have been interested in this lifestyle for a while, but just recently I met a woman, whom I liked a lot.She is 35,and quite experienced.Great person,easy to go with, and we feel great together.Also quite hot. Yet.She likes to organize gangbangs for herself( actually, that’s...
  2. M

    On my way again...can't wait

    Hi everyone, new to the forum! I'm so happy this forum exists. It's been my dream and (might be my future life long ambition) to convince my gf to become my Hotwife. It's my intent to share my progress with everyone as i take this journey. Also, to share the pitfalls and setbacks, and obtain...
  3. J

    The new Swede.

    Hi guys, I've just registered to the site. So I'm new to this site as well as new to the lifestyle. I'm here to find my way and explore my thoughts and feelings of this!:)