1. inchargeind3

    Giving up ownership

    To any of our lovely ladies in here, do you consider yourself fully submissive and am looking for the right bull to give up control to? Do you have a stressful job or home life and want a real man to make all the decisions in the bedroom? Its very rare to find a woman that craves it, but...
  2. S

    Cuck here. Is this idea hot to anyone else or is it too much? (Brutal emotional cucking)

    Hi, I have been into the idea of being a cuck for a while, but I'm kinda looking for something specific. I am endlessly turned on about the idea of my girlfriend who I love deeply being taken from me by someone who takes pleasure in knowing exactly how much I love her. I've been with her for...
  3. 5.webm


    The Raging Bull
  4. O

    An amazing experience

    A couple of days ago I had the most incredible sexual experience watching my girlfriend have hot, intense sex with her new man. When we started sharing her with other men we never had any intentions of getting involved with breeding. A few weeks ago I wasn't too comfortable with how things were...