panty fetish

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    white but not innocent
  2. btweets

    Smelling and tasting women’s worn/used panties..

    I have a strong fetish for smelling and tasting women’s dirty worn and/or used panties! I’ve had it since I was rather young, I remember even smelling my sisters dirty panties from the laundry basket. I didn’t actually know why I was doing it, but I just loved the smell. As I grew up and began...
  3. DarquesPassion

    Wife/GF panty sharing and mutual masturbation (London/UK)

    For quite a while, I have been in touch with a panty fetishist in London who enjoys meeting other guys, armed with their wives worn/dirty panties, with a view to enjoying a mutual wanking session with them. If you are interested in being put in touch with him, or just discussing this fetish...