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    Our first gangbang

    So i finally managed to arrange a gangbang for my wife of 15+ years. A few pics of our evening as it turns me on to know other bulls can see her pics. Face not part of the pics guys sorry for discretion. Video coming soon that im editing and blurring her face out. We’re on here for 2 reasons, 1...
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    Seeking BBC in Portland Oregon or my thick GF

    My GF wants to be filled with BBC my dick is 4 inches. I want you both to humiliate me 9–12 inches please
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    Fuck my GF in Portland while I hide bbc only

    She wants to cum hard
  4. M

    My girlfriend wants to squirt while the bull insults my baby dick

    Caught my GF fucking the hell out of herself to some bbc porn yesterday and I mean she came hard. So I told her she could fuck a bbc but only if he insults my little cock we also are semi BI and I would like to suck it so I can taste her pussy cream and so forth no fucking tho just blowing. She...


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