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  1. phoenix98186

    Garage Snack

    She is 27, 5’6’’ about 125lbs with a thin waist and 34C breasts, mixed (half black) and sexy as hell. She loves to suck dick and is a wildcat in the bedroom. We were on a date to the harbor near our house. We had enjoyed some nice Thai food and were walking around the shopping district when her...
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    1st meet. Car in crowded parking lot in the afternoon...had a few repeat driveby voyeurs.
  4. C

    Took My Wife On A Blind Date only I knew about....

    You figure out if this is real. Hamburgny got all this started awhile back. He politely asked what it would take to get his dick invited into the upper tickle-tunnel of my wife. He seemed like a gentleman the way he asked me for the BJ. He said he would be gentle and polite to her. He would not...