reluctant hotwife

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    Reluctant wife making a huge turnaround?

    I’m having a hard time with my wife coming into cuckolding and it’s sort of my problem too. She is very loyal and we booth love each other very much so she dosen’t understand the appeal of having other guys fuck her and when I bring up cucklding even tho I’m honest about it I always downplay it...
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    Surprise for the wife.

    We were sitting in the living room watching tv. There’s a knock at the door I go to the door and there’s my friend Wayne. I let him in and we talk for a minute then we go back to the living room. The wife says hi as I set on the couch and Wayne sets on the loveseat. She looks over at me from...
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    On my way again...can't wait

    Hi everyone, new to the forum! I'm so happy this forum exists. It's been my dream and (might be my future life long ambition) to convince my gf to become my Hotwife. It's my intent to share my progress with everyone as i take this journey. Also, to share the pitfalls and setbacks, and obtain...


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