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    A young bull who loves to dominate older women

    If you are a woman who loves to be dominated by a younger bull, feel free to text me and share your pictures If you are a husband who wants to have his wife dominated by a younger bull, feel free to text me and share your wife's pictures
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    Interracial breeding

    Any cuck couple from UK into interracial cuckolding with raceplay aspect? 34 yr old Pakistani male here. I can be very dominant and assertive.
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    Power fucking this hotwife in ways her husband can't/won't
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  7. AAGeorge

    Forced Outside Her Comfort Zone (a photo illustrated fantasy)

    Julie led a pampered life as a normal, and modest (though very highly sexed), suburban housewife. But now that all was changing, possibly forever, after her husband Brad suddenly lost his high paying corporate job. At first neither of them felt too worried. Surely a man with his experience could...
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    This could be your wife next. Had a hard time fitting in her ass.
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    Hi my name is Sarah and I am 21 years old that lives in California. I am still a virgin I have dated multiple guys but never had sex yet. My fantasy was to get my tight virgin pussy taken by a big dick or get gangbanged for my first time hehe. I am very tight so please be gentle with me at first...
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    Our start

    Our first exp was like Whenever i meet with my best friend, we usually meet to drink alcohol until we get sick :)). She always stood with us, and sometimes she also consumed alcohol together with us, they also touched them when we dress badly or jokingly. After a long time I decided to say what...
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    Watched my wife get her brains fucked out in a bathroom at a club friday night

    Been on the hotwife scene for about a year now with my wife. Started after I began posting nudes of her on her web page I still maintain, and she started getting attention from guys. After talking about the hotwife scene, we both mutually agreed to let her sleep with other men. We both get off...