1. B

    Top 10 Tips for Couples Considering Cuckolding

    I wanted to share some advice for new couples serious about exploring cuckolding and hotwifing for the first time. This is advice that I've gained from a decade+ of experience as a bull for cuckold/hotwife couples, and countless candid conversations with both couples and wanna-be cucks. I share...
  2. Beth65

    What guys want from sex hookups

    My questions are 1. what do men want from us on sex hookups 2. What should we do to prepare 3. What are dos and donts for ladies in your experiance guys 4. What are your boundries ladies 5. Safety in general
  3. W

    Staying anonnimous

    Hi there. My first post. My wife has had 2 bfs as for now. I struggle to find someone I can trust. No one's gonna accept the fact that I share my wife and if the guy will share pics or anything identifiable, I'm screwed. So here's the question: where to find trustworthy guys and how do I know I...