Top 10 Tips for Couples Considering Cuckolding


May 2, 2022
Philadelphia, PA, USA
I wanted to share some advice for new couples serious about exploring cuckolding and hotwifing for the first time. This is advice that I've gained from a decade+ of experience as a bull for cuckold/hotwife couples, and countless candid conversations with both couples and wanna-be cucks. I share this because I want there to be a helpful, healthy, positive resource for people who are thinking about taking that leap from fantasy to reality. Remember to take care of yourself as you explore this kink - mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  1. Keep talking! This kink (and your relationship) will only work if you're open and honest with each other. You can't bring someone else into your bedroom without first trusting your partner.
  2. Explore with each other at first. Roleplay, use toys, try things at home to explore what you're into before searching for a partner.
  3. Be patient searching for a bull. Understand the process can be frustrating. There are a lot of fake "bulls" out there who will waste your time. You deserve a quality experience. Take your time to find the right connection for you both.
  4. Require verification. A lot of guys use fake pics and will waste your time. Insist on verifying on video (ideally).
  5. Protect your privacy. Don't give out your personal information. Use a Google Voice number or a private messaging app to protect yourself. Consider meeting at a hotel instead of giving out your home address - at least until you get to know and trust someone.
  6. Meet in public for the first time. Find something low-pressure. My go-to is grabbing a coffee on a weekend with a hotwife or a couple. There's no pressure, no alcohol, and no expectations of sex. A simple meet-and-greet can be the perfect way to get comfortable and look for red flags.
  7. Use condoms. Seriously, don't risk it. I've only gone without condoms with a couple long term partners and only because we were tested and exclusive with each other. Even if it's a part of your kink, set the bar high and understand the risks.
  8. Get the HPV vaccine. Literally a vaccine that prevents genital warts and cancer. HPV is spread from skin-to-skin contact so you can get it even wearing condoms. Three shots and you have a lifetime of peace of mind.
  9. Require STD testing. This is an under-discussed part of the lifestyle, but it's one of the most important things to keep in mind. I suggest requiring STD testing for all partners even if you're using condoms, and get tested yourself every 3 months. I suggest a 10-panel test that covers all your bases.
  10. Keep talking! So important I listed it twice. Even as you get into it, be open and honest with each other. Continue to talk in and out of the bedroom, and hopefully you find a bull you feel comfortable being open with as well.