1. morgana

    Experienced Hotwife, Impregnating

    Hi everyone Im new to this sharing storys and all that. But i need to write it down since i cant really talk about my thoughts. About me… im 30, from switzerland with italian roots. Im in a relationship since 8 years & married since 3 years to my wonderful husband (34). We are a happy couple...
  2. C

    Whats the definition?

    Hi This seems like the right forum to ask my question... Im a married man, with a wife who's also my dominatrix. We've been playing with cuckold fantasy-play in the bedroom for quite some time, but with a twist. My wife is bi-sexual, and she (and I of cause) really likes the idea of her being...
  3. C

    I think my fantasy has become a real desire

    Hi there, Just heard about this website so am seeking advice from those who are experienced. My wife and I (both white and in our 20s) have been into the BBC/interracial cuckold fantasy for a couple of years. It takes on different forms from cheating to wife sharing. We have often chatted...
  4. H

    Age by which Women Mostly gets Ready to try things

    I was discussing things with my wife. She told me that after a certain age ladies get much bolder and usually gets ready to try things. I wonder is it so. I want to know about others opinon
  5. P

    Need advice to cross the finish line! UK

  6. A

    HRT and T-Pellets Questions

    So, in another thread I was told about the possibility of my wife needing something along these lines to help with her libido and some other issues. As I researched the symptoms of low testosterone, my wife appeared to suffer from most, if not all, of these issues. She had a really severe case...
  7. A

    Just getting started

    Hello all. My wife and I have been married for 13 years, and I have finally admitted to her my want her for to become a hotwife. It was about 1.5 ago that I brought it up. She was adamant, and still is. EXCEPT when she is drunk or we roleplay. I brought a big dildo into the bedroom and she...
  8. F

    Help a newbie with advice

    Hello everyone!I have been interested in this lifestyle for a while, but just recently I met a woman, whom I liked a lot.She is 35,and quite experienced.Great person,easy to go with, and we feel great together.Also quite hot. Yet.She likes to organize gangbangs for herself( actually, that’s...
  9. Miss dixie

    Best place to find a man to fuck your wife??

    My husband and I are really thinking about making our hot wifing fantasy reality but there is so much we have no clue about. Where/how is the best way/place to meet somebody to bring into our relationship??
  10. D

    Make my wife a hotwife

    Hi! Need some advice. A couple of years ago I asked my wife if she would be interested in sleeping with another guy as I wouldn't mind if she did. She said that it sounds weird. She didn't know that I knew she was sleeping with an ex boyfriend. It ended after about a year but I went onto her...
  11. T

    Should I let her take control of this?

    So a VERY interesting situation has blown up after simply bringing up threesome fantasies to my girlfriend, we have been in talks about finding another bigger guy. The thing is that my girlfriend wants to be alone for the first few times she fucks the other guy, but it doesn't stop there...
  12. Lostinlongwood

    Venting for advice.

    My wife and I have been having some issues with our passion. As with any relationship (at least that I have had) our intimacy went from hot and heavy (first 18 months) to very vanilla and extremely infrequent. While my desire has remained strong and adventurous, hers has waned. Over the last six...
  13. Daddyandkitty54

    Hotwife Lifestyle meets Sugar Daddy Experience... Young married couple seeking advice. MF(23)

    James and Jacqueline here, recently Married and happily in the hot wife lifestyle. Speaking specifically as James, we're writing to you because we're in an interesting predicament. A little history on us, we're actually a VERY young couple. Both of us are 23, attractive and fun. She's from...