1. F

    Need help, is this cum stain?

    Gf told me that she is going to cinema with her female friend, when I came home she was already asleep and I found these panties in dirty laundry, they were still wet and warm, with a bit different smell than usual. Never ever her panties looked or smelled like this. Do you think it could be...
  2. D

    Question for the wives

    I have a question for a friend trying to get his wife to have a MFM threesome she likes the idea or it and it turns her on and she almost had one in college but how does he get her to fully go through with it he knows inside she probably still wants it but she’s conservative and religious so...
  3. R

    Looking for a cuckold coach/advice/tips

    Hi there. I'm a 23 year old dude from the UK. I'm seeking any advice/tips or even long term coaching on a situation I currently find myself in. My girlfriend is getting close with a guy she used to have a 'thing' with and I want something to happen between them again. A little context - They...
  4. D

    Need woman’s opinion for a friend

    I am currently trying to help a friend and his wife go there first time I need a woman’s opinion on it can any female dm me and I’ll explain further thank you
  5. Daniel_coolin22

    How to get my girlfriend to cheat on me

    My girlfriend just moved to college with me after we’ve been dating for about a year. Now that she has moved with me she has been started hanging out with other guys studying at school. I love the thought of her cheating on me with one of her study buddies, and I want to subtly encourage her to...
  6. blackman3285


    West Chester Ohio U.S.
  7. H

    Podcast Recommendations?

    Hi, new to this site. My wife and I have been fantasizing about her being a hotwife for about 3 years. Our sex life is very strong and she loves when I give her massages while we listen to hotwife and cuckolding podcasts…especially ones that have actual stories (not those that just talk about...
  8. B

    Top 10 Tips for Couples Considering Cuckolding

    I wanted to share some advice for new couples serious about exploring cuckolding and hotwifing for the first time. This is advice that I've gained from a decade+ of experience as a bull for cuckold/hotwife couples, and countless candid conversations with both couples and wanna-be cucks. I share...
  9. B

    Finding Stag/Vixen for MFM Threesome

    While I have over 10 years of experience as a bull for cuckold couples, I've had less luck finding stag/vixen couples for threesomes. Curious what approaches have you used that have been successful? Are there any websites or apps that are better for MFM than cuckolding? Also, I'm searching for...
  10. Y

    Gf not into it, but I want to convince her to dirty talk about fucking other guys

    Hi, gf and I are both 21. I’ve been interested in this thing for a while don’t think I’m ready for the real thing but I really enjoy hearing any stories about nights out where she’s been flirted with and there was even a scenario where she was out for her bday with me when a male friend was all...
  11. L

    GF struggling to take first step

    Just need some help/advice on how to progress with the current situation. Myself (30M) and my partner (27F) have discussed threesomes/cuckold/hotwife stuff for years. We both get turned on at the idea of another guy joining us whether I just watch or I join in. My partner very clearly wants...
  12. B

    Wife giving me mixed messages

    Hey everyone, I haven't posted in a while as I hadn't gotten very far with persuading my wife to play. I've been checking this site continuously and I wanted to see if I can get some advice as I don't know where I am anymore. At one point I we had not discussed about the cuckold lifestyle (or...
  13. C

    Update on my situation

    My wife was playing with her lover alone, I enjoyed that she was dipping her toe in the lifestyle but it wasn’t enough for me not to be involved. I want to be involved in some way or another and expressed this to her, she’s disappointed as her lover has no interest in me being involved or even...
  14. C

    Whats the definition?

    Hi This seems like the right forum to ask my question... Im a married man, with a wife who's also my dominatrix. We've been playing with cuckold fantasy-play in the bedroom for quite some time, but with a twist. My wife is bi-sexual, and she (and I of cause) really likes the idea of her being...
  15. C

    I think my fantasy has become a real desire

    Hi there, Just heard about this website so am seeking advice from those who are experienced. My wife and I (both white and in our 20s) have been into the BBC/interracial cuckold fantasy for a couple of years. It takes on different forms from cheating to wife sharing. We have often chatted...
  16. H

    Age by which Women Mostly gets Ready to try things

    I was discussing things with my wife. She told me that after a certain age ladies get much bolder and usually gets ready to try things. I wonder is it so. I want to know about others opinon
  17. Anonymousrob84

    HRT and T-Pellets Questions

    So, in another thread I was told about the possibility of my wife needing something along these lines to help with her libido and some other issues. As I researched the symptoms of low testosterone, my wife appeared to suffer from most, if not all, of these issues. She had a really severe case...
  18. Anonymousrob84

    Just getting started

    Hello all. My wife and I have been married for 13 years, and I have finally admitted to her my want her for to become a hotwife. It was about 1.5 ago that I brought it up. She was adamant, and still is. EXCEPT when she is drunk or we roleplay. I brought a big dildo into the bedroom and she...
  19. F

    Help a newbie with advice

    Hello everyone!I have been interested in this lifestyle for a while, but just recently I met a woman, whom I liked a lot.She is 35,and quite experienced.Great person,easy to go with, and we feel great together.Also quite hot. Yet.She likes to organize gangbangs for herself( actually, that’s...
  20. Miss dixie

    Best place to find a man to fuck your wife??

    My husband and I are really thinking about making our hot wifing fantasy reality but there is so much we have no clue about. Where/how is the best way/place to meet somebody to bring into our relationship??