first time

  1. W

    Wife’s trophy - used condom

    This is what my wife shown me after first cuckold. Any of you had same experience?
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    Looking to be shared for the first time!
  3. sub4wife

    First Time - Wife decides it's time to get some real dick.

    It was a repeat of last week's tongue lashing. "You're not doing this to me again! You're the one that wants a threesome. You're constantly whining about it. Well, I've had enough, you piece of shit. I don't give a fuck what you want to do; I'm doing this and I'm doing it TONIGHT!" My mind was...
  4. B

    Wife giving me mixed messages

    Hey everyone, I haven't posted in a while as I hadn't gotten very far with persuading my wife to play. I've been checking this site continuously and I wanted to see if I can get some advice as I don't know where I am anymore. At one point I we had not discussed about the cuckold lifestyle (or...
  5. R&Rlove

    SoCal Couple looking for M or F for first 3some

    Looking for a good match for us. Not trying to jump into anything and would like someone willing to make a trip to join us in a hotel in Vegas for a night or 2 of fun. The goal is to surprise the wife with an extra guest. This will be our first time doing something like this. I would like to...
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    Wife wants to be shared for the first time!
  7. Wife first time with new BULL

    Wife first time with new BULL

    My wife met a new BULL she talked to online. We met at a hotel and it was not long after he arrived he had my wife undressed and sitting in a chair. He climbed up on the chair and gave her his large cock to suck while I watched them.
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  9. P

    We just started

    My wife finally took the plunge and is more than eager to start this life style. What ultimately pushed her over the edge is that I had been sharing erotic stories I had written her. Those stories were of my wife in various sexy poly scenarios which she absolutely loved. If your woman likes...
  10. V

    Things your wife does not do with you

    Seeing (or only knowing) my wife having sex with other man is a huge fantasy for me. But thinking about how it would develop, it comes to my mind how it would feel to know that she could do things that normally doesn't do with me (or never). So i ask you , What are those things that your wife...
  11. V

    How do you deal with regret? And how can you be sure you're a cuck?

    Last Sunday, I let my girlfriend of two years go out with a complete stranger she just met on Tinder that morning. They had sex that afternoon. There was already too much sexual tension going between me and my girlfriend for weeks leading to that event. A few days before Sunday, she was already...
  12. X

    Male seeking female

    Any females in Illinois come by and let's meet up
  13. NortheastofDFW

    Dallas, TX

    My birthday is coming up and my wife keeps asking me what I want. The only thing I want is to watch her use her AMAZING blowjob skills and fuck a younger guy who is at least 8 inches and very thick. If you're a couple with the guy being as I described, that's perfectly fine. Just don't expect...
  14. A

    The hall pass

    Just back story miss 30s black couple. Years of cheating and forgiveness had created a mundane cycle that was no longer sustainable in the marriage. The more and more I fell into porn I pursued more and more women. At this point it was either give it all up or lose what I had built. After...
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    My cock, she sucks it, looking for first time with a male.
  16. K

    Tips for first in person cuck

    Hi everyone, New member here! Question, my wife and I recently agreed to enter a full time cuck/hotwife relationship. She has cucked me before but not in person. We are currently in the early planning stages of our first in person experience as a full time cuck couple. Any tips or tricks...
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    Robin taking her first BBC! He started out wearing a condom, but she wanted him to cum inside her and told him to take it off! He filled her pussy full but somehow I missed the moment... Grrrr!
  18. Z

    Asian hotwife first playdate

    Quite a lot has happened since my last update. We finally had our first real life cuckolding experience! First some context. My wife started taking tango lessons at the gym downstairs for the past 2-3 months, she found a private instructor who teaches at a local art/dance university, he's young...
  19. T

    Our first threesome

    The year was 1971. I was in the Air Force, my wife Jill and I lived in a small apartment off base. Jill was a little on the heavy side having recently given birth to our daughter. She has a beautiful face and great D cup tits with large nipples. My best Air Force buddy Mike was single and kind...
  20. chad

    How did you convince your wife to meet her first lover?

    Hello, how exactly did you encourage your wife to meet her lover for the first time?