first time

  1. C

    Tell me about the first time you sucked a cock

    I myself have never sucked another man, but lately have been wanting to try. Please tell me about your first time, how it happened and everything you felt.
  2. D

    Early 40s G/F first time post wants comments, caps. And tributes

    Hottie g/f submissive and always horny. First time posting and wants to hear what the men and women think.
  3. N

    My first

    Well I finally sucked my first cock. It was strangely liberating honestly. He was very passionate and tender. He was uncut so that was different. His head was so soft and the shaft was so hard. I honestly impressed myself with how deep I took it, almost to the base! (7”) After sucking him for...
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  5. I

    First live show Snap Chat

    I just did my first live show. Wife blindfolded and tied up while I filmed and fingered and licked. Anyone else down this? I came as I touched her pussy. She was unaware
  6. Zezzz

    Cuckold Couples in India/ Indian Cuck

    Any cuckold couple who are a little worried about their first time doing this can PM me! Also Men trying to convince/get their wives into this lifestyle or do this once can also contact me on how to take things forward! Experienced Young Indian Bull (21), 6'2" here .../sexting is also one of...
  7. Coup_de_grace

    Our first experience

    Hi all, new here and new to the hotwife life. Couple in their 30s here and thought I would relate our recent experience. We only recently tried our first experience. The wife had been flirting with someone at work, not in the same area as her and only their temporarily. She is late 30s and he...
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    Anon 5

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    Anon 4

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    Anon 3

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  11. anon wife (2)

    anon wife (2)

    given permission to share
  12. anon wife

    anon wife

    given permission to share
  13. S

    Virgin to this, fears and thoughts

    I am relatively young. For 10 years I have been incredibly turned on by the idea of my partner cheating on me. It gets me every time… something about the adrenaline rush and feeling contested I guess. I have never been cheated on or broken up with by anyone, in fact I have been the one always...
  14. B

    Top 10 Tips for Couples Considering Cuckolding

    I wanted to share some advice for new couples serious about exploring cuckolding and hotwifing for the first time. This is advice that I've gained from a decade+ of experience as a bull for cuckold/hotwife couples, and countless candid conversations with both couples and wanna-be cucks. I share...
  15. W

    Wife’s trophy - used condom

    This is what my wife shown me after first cuckold. Any of you had same experience?
  16. sub4wife

    First Time - Wife decides it's time to get some real dick.

    It was a repeat of last week's tongue lashing. "You're not doing this to me again! You're the one that wants a threesome. You're constantly whining about it. Well, I've had enough, you piece of shit. I don't give a fuck what you want to do; I'm doing this and I'm doing it TONIGHT!" My mind was...
  17. B

    Wife giving me mixed messages

    Hey everyone, I haven't posted in a while as I hadn't gotten very far with persuading my wife to play. I've been checking this site continuously and I wanted to see if I can get some advice as I don't know where I am anymore. At one point I we had not discussed about the cuckold lifestyle (or...
  18. R&Rlove

    SoCal Couple looking for M or F for first 3some

    Looking for a good match for us. Not trying to jump into anything and would like someone willing to make a trip to join us in a hotel in Vegas for a night or 2 of fun. The goal is to surprise the wife with an extra guest. This will be our first time doing something like this. I would like to...
  19. Wife first time with new BULL

    Wife first time with new BULL

    My wife met a new BULL she talked to online. We met at a hotel and it was not long after he arrived he had my wife undressed and sitting in a chair. He climbed up on the chair and gave her his large cock to suck while I watched them.
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