1. Us2PlusYou

    First post

    Hi guys, just stumbled across this site through Google search. Not really sure how things work exactly but figured this would be the right place to post some pics of my wife Nicole. She is very much involved in the whole 'scene' with me and is cool with me sharing her pics. Would love to hear...
  2. Hot GF takes BBC in the ass.mp4

    Hot GF takes BBC in the ass.mp4

  3. C

    Strange Cuck Fantasies

    Just curious. Are there any fellow cucks out there who have strange fantasies you want made into a reality? Not sure if you'd call this strange, but one of my biggest fantasies is for my wife to fall for a bull so hard she leaves my pathetic cock for his massive one, but to mess with me they...
  4. Threesome with sexy wife.mp4

    Threesome with sexy wife.mp4

  5. Watching Girlfriend with Stud from Closet

    Watching Girlfriend with Stud from Closet

    Watching Girlfriend with Stud from Closet
  6. DCIM_1099938.png


    Would you make it hard? 2/2
  7. מוצצת .mp4

    מוצצת .mp4

  8. fucking and hubby maturbating.avi

    fucking and hubby maturbating.avi

    fucking my lover weil my cuckold husband masturbatin
  9. HotWife and BBC .mp4

    HotWife and BBC .mp4

    Cream from BBC
  10. W


  11. וידיאו026.avi my young lover

    וידיאו026.avi my young lover

    my young lover fucking me in front of my sissy chckold husband
  12. 20190704_182522.jpg


    Cheating gf
  13. G

    Why do we get turned on watching our spouses have sex with someone else?

    Until I showed trustable friends a video of my wife being groped by me and a friend then posting it on porn sites I thought I was a pervert for getting hard even thinking about my wife being kissed/fondled/fucked by another man. Now I know that it is far more common than I imagined but what...
  14. G

    Will my wife let the man from the pub inside her tonight>

    Fingers crossed that in an hour or so a guy I've become friends with in the pub will come round to our house unknown to my wife. My friend who she fucks in front of me most weekends is due here before the pub guy and knows all about it. Wish me luck as I want the pub guy to fill my wife's cunt...
  15. phoenix98186

    Phone Date

    She is 29, 5’6’’ about 125lbs with a thin waist and 34C breasts, mixed (half black) and sexy as hell. She loves to suck dick and is a wildcat in the bedroom. Sarah had been fucking a guy from work for a couple of years. He was heavily muscled with a nice and fat 8 inch dick. Many times she...
  16. Barriecplseek

    Barrie couple seeking a BBC bull for ongoing here. We are seeking an ongoing cuck/bull relationship with a tall, attractive and VERY well endowed black male. Take a look at our profile and message us back if you think you'd be "a good fit"
  17. Cuckold couple and bull

    Cuckold couple and bull

    Cuckold couple and bull
  18. Young Blonde Wife Riding Big Black Cock

    Young Blonde Wife Riding Big Black Cock

    Hot young hotwife riding a nice bick cock while her cuckold husband records the act
  19. mbl.jpg


  20. DarquesPassion

    Could you be cucked to do this (and more!) behind your partner's back??

    I am interested to hear from guys who share a similar panty fetish, either openly or candidly, and would do something similar. Or, maybe, you would allow another guy into your wife's panty drawer to do the same??