1. C

    San Antonio Cuckold Couple

    Good afternoon everyone. We are a normal couple looking for a bull to come fuck both the wife and the cuck and let the cuck clean up the mess. We have done this before but not here in San Antonio. She is beautiful, straight and 41. He is an attractive average military guy in the Army and 36...
  2. Hubby's 4 inches

    Hubby's 4 inches

  3. Cuckold Wife is Addicted to Big Black Cock

    Cuckold Wife is Addicted to Big Black Cock

    My wife is unable to control her sexual cravings by a huge cock. She is insatiable and it was thanks to cuckolding that our marriage was saved. I am a very devoted husband to her. I don't know what I would do if I lost her. I hope she never falls in love with any of her bulls.
  4. DarquesPassion

    Cucked wives that demand a dom....and firm hand

    Over the course of my many years as a swinger, dom, fetishist, kinkster and, particularly a dom bull, I have come across (no punt intended, of course!) many couples where the wife is not just satisfied with a decent cock inside her, but also craves for the firm hand and control that her...
  5. C

    New cuck here do you bulls like?

    Submissive cuck here I figured id share a couple pics of my hotwife for the bulls to enjoy.
  6. C


  7. B

    Brand new bull in Philly-ish area

    Have never done this before, 24 years-old, and just curious how it works really.
  8. H

    Mature Wife Looking for Black Bull

    My dick is just too small for her, So she need a big black bull to fuck the shit out of her. Is anyone interested?
  9. S

    Tinas first time

    My gf and i have been very sexual since we first started dating. We would often visit the toy stores to buy another item to spice it up but eventually we kind of went dry in the bedroom. After I bought her an enormous black dildo we started talking dirty while using it and I managed to whisper...
  10. Hotwife fucks the boss in her husband

    Hotwife fucks the boss in her husband

    Hotwife fucks the boss in her husband
  11. Alexx4fit

    Dallas DFW Texas - 6 ft bull craving married pussy

    Young, fit and fun bull looking for a hotwife /cuckold couples in the area to have some cuckolding festivities and good times with. 6 ft, 170lbs with a nice thick cock and great stamina. Would love to find a Hotwife couple in the area and meet to see if there's chemistry. I may not respond...
  12. W

    Why do we enjoy cuckold lifestyle?

    Any psychologists out there? Because I'd like to hear why do we have this kind of desires. I'll share my observations if anyone joins.
  13. W

    Had tranny fuck your wife?

    I want to hear if yoy guys had an experience with a shemale fucking your wife.
  14. strong.desire

    DOM bull here!

    Hello 28 DOM bull here, I travel a lot, during this situation I'm stuck in Dubai, looking for cucks, unsatisfied wives, hotwives, couple and wannabes I'm available on social medias like Kik: strong.desire, reach me out there or just send me a message here.
  15. Girl Sucking BBC in Car with Passion

    Girl Sucking BBC in Car with Passion

    Hotwife worship
  16. cuckold1005

    Rate my wife

    So i shared my wife few times only and it was on vacations trips. But she is not confident about her body. So tell me your honest opinion about her. Where and what would you do to her if you like her? will be posting more if there is good response!
  17. T

    She is finally doing it... I hope.

    I made a post in the intro forum, but thought I’d keep the ongoing story here updated as things develop. We are your normal American family. Been married 13 years, kids, and a mortgage. Marie is my gorgeous wife. She has known about my cuckold fantasy for a couple years. I’ve had the itch...
  18. M

    My Wife, Carol

    So, Carol and I got married in 2003, when I was 36 and she was 33. We both agree that we have a good marriage, and we've been married almost 17 years. I actually consider her to be more in her prime now that she's just about 50. To me she looks more beautiful every day. The only thing is that...
  19. G

    Looking for a hotwife to take my virginity

    HI, I am new to this forum. I am 23. Looking for a mature hot wife to take my virginity. Its my fantasy to be with an experience women. I am in New York. If you are interested let me know. I am 6'3 and average build. Will share more pics if requested. I am open to your ideas and fantasy.
  20. yoshsteffy

    A cuckold couple from South Asia

    Hey there people... I'm a doctor, and he's an engineer. We are new to this scene. Both of us got really horny and went on a wild ride one day and realized that we have a hypersexual mindset. So here we are trying things out. We are hoping to be very active in this forum. I hope the community...