1. M

    any idaho?

    moving to treasure valley idaho and couples older? were late 50s early early 60s
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    Compare to your wife

    Compare my wife’s tits, body, ass, face and pussy to your wife’s. Whose do you prefer for each?
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    A very joung man of age 25, She was 55 at that time
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    Would love first time tribute for wife’s pics

    Would love some tribute photos to my wife’s pictures!
  12. NortheastofDFW

    Dallas, TX

    My birthday is coming up and my wife keeps asking me what I want. The only thing I want is to watch her use her AMAZING blowjob skills and fuck a younger guy who is at least 8 inches and very thick. If you're a couple with the guy being as I described, that's perfectly fine. Just don't expect...
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  14. My Calvins

    My Calvins

    Solo fun
  15. Our first video here

    Our first video here

    Preparing my wife
  16. O

    How to start, from the wife's point of view...

    Hello all, I've been reading this forum for a long time. I love all the stories shared here. I've been wanting to get in the lifestyle since a few months ago, but while you can find a lot of posts with advice for husbands who want to share their wifes, it's really hard to find something for a...
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    Hey there. I'm a young BBC bull (27) and I'm seeking to have fun but more importantly to date a hotwife who hasn't been feeling sexy for a while now. Would love to have a relationship with a wife or mom and someone who wants a much younger guy in bed with a ton of stamina, but also someone who...
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    Looking in Utah

    Hey everyone, my wife and I are new to this and are looking for our first experience with someone. We are envisioning a massage scenario that can turn into some solid fun. Are there any takers?