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    Dirty Talk 2.gif

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    Blowjob Watching.gif

  4. VeryClassyCouple

    New Australian Couple

    South East Queensland Based, both mid 50's Started swinging about 20 years ago. Quickly sported out what we like which is gang bangs and bareback sex. We love role play and have done it all. Acted as Cuck Hubby Hubby Sucks BBC Bull Hubby Fucked Hubby stays at home whilst wife goes out Sending...
  5. R

    Looking to have fun on Skype

    Any couples interested in Video chatting with a single male .. 31 yrs old 7.5” hard. Irish American ,5’6 170lbs
  6. photo jul 09, 1 00 37 pm (1).jpg

    photo jul 09, 1 00 37 pm (1).jpg

    Sexy show
  7. N

    New To Hotwife Lifestyle

    Hi All, I just want to say thanks in advance for any help/advice that you can provide. For privacy purposes, I will introduce myself as L and my girlfriend as E (late 20's and early 30's respectively). We have been dating long distance for a little over four years now and she is absolutely...
  8. pjcyqcb


  9. Kravensone

    hotwife and hubby looking in the 661

    hi hubby and I are looking for a bull in the 661 BBW hotwife love being manhandled taking big cock cum play
  10. H

    Do you know her or recognize her?

    Does anyone recognize or know my Hot Wife? Would you like to know her...would you like to Fuck her? Would you like to know her...would you like to Fuck her?
  11. naturalcucky

    Asslicker Hotwifes.

    I get really excited when I know my wife is licking a bull’s ass. My ass he would never lick. He says it’s too sensual, only a real man deserves it. Please write your opinions on this and post pictures. Thanks! My Goddess licks the bull's ass:
  12. naturalcucky


    I am very excited about GILFs. Please post naked pictures of Hotwife as oldest as possible. My Hotwife is only 50+. I love the 60+, 70+ age group. Thanks! My GILF, Hotwife:
  13. simonward

    Playing With Fire - The real life experience of a guy trying to coax a faithful, loving, wife into cuckoldry.

    The Christmas Party - 20/12/19 Sarah wore her anklet to the party. I told her that I love it when she wears it. She doesn’t know what it means. She’s aware of a connotation to swinging but she dismisses it. My heart was racing, back in the summer, when she asked me to buy it for her. I had half...
  14. R

    Hola!! Any one from Costa del Sol, Spain

    Interested in meeting couples, or singles staying around. My wife is a beautiful and sexy 50 yo woman who looks early 40s who is very attracted to other guys; specially, when dancing. We've talked about including other guys or couples but she doesn't think she could actually do anything. I'm...
  15. Y

    Chicago - closet dresser, sissy cuck looking for that slutty hotwife/slutwife/bad girl partner ;)

    Like the title says - new, no one yet to explore and have fun with. Watch cuckold, hotwife/slutwife, sharing, sissy clips, tumblr, you name it daily. Would love to find that person that knows just what kind of cuck / sissy cuck she wants and needs and also knows just that kind of bad girl her...
  16. naturalcucky

    My Hotwife is pegging me with her toe.

    My Hotwife can do anything she wants with me.
  17. B

    Would you fuck her??

  18. A

    Mexican Couple

    Hi, we're 36 & 34 years old couple living in Mexico. We've found this forum because we love cuckolding, we hope to find nice bulls & couples to chat and exchange experiences. If you're visiting Mexico, don't be shy and ask us for some tips. Look this pictures of Valeria and tell me what do you...
  19. hotwife at crown 3

    hotwife at crown 3

    night out on the town
  20. hotwife at crown 2

    hotwife at crown 2

    night out