1. yoshsteffy

    A cuckold couple from South Asia

    Hey there people... I'm a doctor, and he's an engineer. We are new to this scene. Both of us got really horny and went on a wild ride one day and realized that we have a hypersexual mindset. So here we are trying things out. We are hoping to be very active in this forum. I hope the community...
  2. U

    New guy . How to transform my wife to hotwife?

    Hi good day, me and my wife already married for 1 year. She is religious teacher and pious but very open in sexual communication. We watch porn together like bbc,cuckold, Japanese massage. She know about my crazy culkold fantasy each time i have talk about that and she just fantasy that each...
  3. rodrigobull4cpl

    BWC looking for the right couple in north jersey

    Hey guys. I’m looking for a couple. Preferably ongoing but open to anything. Must be clean. Ddf and hygienic. Age is not an issue. 8 inches and experienced. My Kik is rodrigomfmcpl. Hit me up
  4. Sarah48.jpeg


    My wife Sarah. Someone complimented me on how determined I am to have her fucked.
  5. kathy mosca at work

    kathy mosca at work

    slut wife making an impromptu $50.00
  6. S

    Hot wife seeking bull in Thailand

    We are an attractive couple in our 30s looking for a bull with the experience or knowledge of cuckolding. looking for someone between 24-37
  7. My wife became a hotwife!

    My wife became a hotwife!

    We both enjoy this very much.
  8. Favorites.


    My wife loves this.
  9. My angel.

    My angel.

    I thank my wife every time she cuckold me.
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  11. Sarah 3

    Sarah 3

    My wife Sarah. Someone complimented me on how determined I am to have her fucked.
  12. Swing101

    Finally My Turn

    Last night, while still being denied, the wife gave me a small teasing. She has another overnight tonight...
  13. Sarah2


    My wife Sarah. Someone complimented me on how determined I am to have her fucked.
  14. Swing101

    Tuesday night overnight reduced to a 4 hour date...

    Wife received word tonight from one of her steady bulls that he cannot do an overnight tonight. They had been planning this for quite a while. Instead, they are only having a four hour date. I was Hopeful for her overnight as was she. I'll post pics of her getting ready. The good thing for...
  15. naturalcucky

    My wife is the bull's pet!

    My wife's bull sent me these pictures and wrote: Your wife is my cute pet! Today I fucked her like that! My Honey so came home from with the tail! She enjoyed this thing very much, but it was humiliating for me. I had to clean her pussy while her tail was in her asshole.
  16. btweets

    Any serious couples in the Western Suburbs of Chicago??

    Interested in finding a Hotwife or Cuckold couple seriously looking for another guy to join them for some hot fun. We can chat and then arrange a meet and greet to make sure there’s a mutual connection and just go from there. I’m in Aurora and look forward to hearing back from you, Bill
  17. MyFuckableWife

    What would you like to do to my wife?

    Let me know what you would like to do to my wife?
  18. MyFuckableWife

    My Fuckable Wife

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