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  6. A

    So much I’ve ALWAYS wanted to share

    I’ve known that sharing hotwife experiences and cuckold experiences are what turn me on the most since I was 15, which is when I experienced it for the first time. Actually, possibly even sooner than that. I actually think the first time it unknowingly turned me on is when I found out my parents...
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    1st meet. Car in crowded parking lot in the afternoon...had a few repeat driveby voyeurs.
  8. all fucked out

    all fucked out

    until the next guy climbs on
  9. Cuck Hubby Young Bull and HotWife

    Cuck Hubby Young Bull and HotWife

    Cuck Hubby Young Bull and HotWife
  10. Topless for Christmas!

    Topless for Christmas!

    I was outside the house completely naked when this was taken.
  11. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    the gift of ass
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    What my hot wife will be taking off for her lover this weekend
  13. with a glass of wine

    with a glass of wine

    getting nice and buzzed
  14. Wine & Cleavage

    Wine & Cleavage

    a good time was had by all
  15. Thong Maiden

    Thong Maiden

  16. Lynda Pussy

    Lynda Pussy

  17. jw_kk

    My Wife's "Sensual" Gang-bang

    There is really nothing like watching your wife being pleasured by multiple hard cocks... We’re both more or less recovered from the event, now almost two weeks ago, but my wife’s “sensual gang-bang” was a stellar, incredible success. I have never experienced my wife enjoying so much orgasmic...
  18. T

    Should I let her take control of this?

    So a VERY interesting situation has blown up after simply bringing up threesome fantasies to my girlfriend, we have been in talks about finding another bigger guy. The thing is that my girlfriend wants to be alone for the first few times she fucks the other guy, but it doesn't stop there...
  19. K

    Cheating Hot Wife & Her Bull

    Hi, we are S and R and this is our story. I have been in a relation with my bull for past 9 years without the knowledge of my hubby. We were active in social media in earlier days but we constantly received negative feedback and even threats to identify and report us, so we refrained from it for...
  20. valleymoresomes

    Looking back on our first time bring another man into the bedroom

    I have been looking to share this story for some time now, just never knew where to tell it, and being new members here I thought it fitting to share it here with you all. This all took place a few years ago, and we have had many more encounters but the first is always the most exciting...