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    IMG_5382 - Copy.mp4

  2. Pantheman

    Husband from UK who's enjoying exploring this site with his wife

    Hi everyone, I joined a while ago but totally forgot about it until my wife and I started exploring our exhibitionist side and started to dip our toe into the swinging/sharing world. You guys are great, I know I'm going to have fun here 😅
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  4. Couple4MFM

    Appropriate punishment to husband's transgressions

    For background information, my husband is not permitted to self-pleasure himself with my express consent and permission. He must ask and then is only allowed to touch himself as much or little as I allow. He is also only allowed to cum in his hand and then to lick all of his cum up and he is not...
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  6. Self Fuck. Bouncing on her Dildo.

    Self Fuck. Bouncing on her Dildo.

    As the votes are in, we received a lot of love with the idea of showing Ali, she’s apprehensive about this but she loves playing with herself, she loves playing with her toys. There’s nothing more I adore than watching her bounce on her dildo. So we hope it’s something you all adore too 😍😍
  7. Purple Dildo. Beautiful pussy Fucked.

    Purple Dildo. Beautiful pussy Fucked.

    She finds it an expressive release of loving energy playing with herself. She loves it just as much as taking a big cock. I can’t help but be in complete awe of her.
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    Finger fucking