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    Summer is finally here
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    Cum inside.
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    Cum soaked
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    ATL GA male looking for new couple

    I'm a single 40's tall athletic non-smoking wm in the NE ATL burbs interested in a new couple. Either Hotwife, Stag/Vixen couple, or Cuckold couple or something in between. Maybe a simple MFM or a wife that likes a side piece. It's difficult to put labels on what it is you desire, but I have...
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  9. Cuckold lifestyle

    Cuckold lifestyle

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    Sun light is the best light! Let's see if I can explain the enormous tension that Maike and Me are in... so much adrenaline.... this is what i mean by visual power... He's clearly on control, I'm filming... and I know Maike as the back of my hand.. the body is try to enjoy the sex, but she's so ash
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    Our weekend, 55y old, Maike new partner of that weekend, decided on a morning to take advance of the sun light... Put Maike there, with a Magic Wand for about 15 min before come from behind, calmly, and had her without excitation... She was panicking inside... she was shaking... she was so ashamed e
  12. Wife Shared by her BULL

    Wife Shared by her BULL

    My wife and her BULL went camping for five days and while they were out her BULL decided to share her with a man they met as he directed my wife in what to do. He sent me a few videos of my wife sucking the stranger dick and of the guy fucking her bareback.
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    Her shaved pussy for you all
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    The visual contrast of a 32y body and a 59y. That's the power that affect her mind. The true essence of swinging
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    3 years ago, when did 30 years, ridding a 61y partner from swing club
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    A fantastic gentleman and a great partner, 55y old, just spent 3 wonderful days and nights enjoying my 33 parter... was like candy... know what i mean that visual power affect her mind a lot?
  17. anal princess

    anal princess

  18. happy cuckold husband.mp4

    happy cuckold husband.mp4

    which hubby could ask for more???
  19. naughtycouple2323

    Rate my wife please

    So my wife has put on a tiny bit of weight over lockdown and now thinks she is fat and not keen on meeting up with anyone. I want to prove to her she is still sexy and very fuckable.
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    (Metro Detroit) Long BBC