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    Hot tub fun...
  2. CredsCouple

    In need of meat to meet my wifes tiny pussy

    4'10" -(legal midget but 100% proportionate), only 105lbs making her the funnest fuck doll who goes all night and loves cum in every hole!
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    Perfect view, perfect light, perfect Sunday
  4. Spit-Roast during swinger party

    Spit-Roast during swinger party

    Swinger party spit roast with two of my friends husbands
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  7. Wife Takes Five

    Wife Takes Five

    I enjoy having more than one man to fuck me. I had an unplanned impromptu home gangbang one afternoon with five different men. The first four guys were in the "average" category with 5-6" penises and managed to bring me to several very hard climaxes. Then I took the big cock and WOW! He stretched me
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    Wife's first time being loaned to some friends of ours.
  9. Wife and FB

    Wife and FB

    Wife met up with her regular FB tonight. The video clips were a little short in the first session so I put them together.
  10. Post Creampie

    Post Creampie

    Wife spreading her pussy for her FB after he deposited his load tonight
  11. Post Creampie

    Post Creampie

    Wife's regular FB after he deposited a load tonight
  12. Post Cum Vid

    Post Cum Vid

    Wife is out tonight with her regular FB and he sent me this via ... after their first round.
  13. S

    Black bulls sharing wife with his friends?

    Question for the ladies who have been shared by her bull with his friends: The first time your bull shared you with his friends, how did it happen? Was this planned ? Did he just surprise you by inviting them in during a session? How did you feel that moment when more than one black man...
  14. Biker Guy with Micha

    Biker Guy with Micha

    Biker guy we met on Reddit take his time fucking micha
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    wife showing off her big tits in a selfie she sent me while I was on a business trip
  16. Colorado Jake fucking Micha

    Colorado Jake fucking Micha

    The 3rd guy micha fucked while we were in our recent trip to Colorado.
  17. Colorado hook up 1

    Colorado hook up 1

    This was the first guy I hooked up with while on our Colorado trip. Can’t wait to see how many more I get to have inside me!
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    Waiting for me to say to her to turn back and see the surprise for the first time
  19. Micha enjoys a Mid-Day MFM threesome

    Micha enjoys a Mid-Day MFM threesome

    Some times it’s nice to have a mid day sexcapade. Then take a nice long nap!
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    Pregnancy during the lifestyle