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  1. Wife Loves Fucking Friend in Front of Husband

    Wife Loves Fucking Friend in Front of Husband

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    Hot wife shared with a husband friend.mp4

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    Indian hotwife shered.mp4

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    White pussy blacked.mp4

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  7. SexyLuv1

    The Bull In Me

    I am SexyLuv1 a 58 year old black man have been in the lifestyle seems like forever. I started in my early twenties with my first wife as swingers we both enjoyed all the sex and excitement and adventure. We would sometimes run into new couples where the wife was afraid so I and my wife Fran...
  8. Luv2showher

    New here...what do you think of my wife?

    Honest opinions?
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    Do you prefer to watch or do you....

    Just wondering if most the cucks out there prefer to only watch your wife get fucked hard or do you like to join in and make it a threesome?? Perhaps your wife only lets you watch as an even bigger tease? Personally there's something about my wife lusting over my best friend that drives me...
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    Looking back on our first time bring another man into the bedroom

    I have been looking to share this story for some time now, just never knew where to tell it, and being new members here I thought it fitting to share it here with you all. This all took place a few years ago, and we have had many more encounters but the first is always the most exciting...