size comparison

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    Well im 62kg, 175cm and I think I have a regular size, 16cm, and am skinny I understand that can be a little slim too ahaha.. But compared do a dark skin partner, what do you think? What I find from experience with our swinger lifestyle is that thickness can produce much more reactions from Maike th
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    If you saw me next to Maike, you may notice than im skinny. Im 62kg 175cm, that's 136.6 pounds and 5.74 feet. And there's my arm compared to one of Maike partner.
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    Do big cocks last longer?

    I have a theory heavily influenced by my predilection for size humiliation. I refer to the below article which arouses me more than any porn - a women's magazine effectively saying size counts while providing a big cock user guide for their readers...