1. Nemo

    Carol's beating to remember

    This particular story doesn't involve cheating or cuckolding, but there isn't a place where I can post a story about a man fucking his own wife for a change, so I have put this where all of Carol's other stories are. PART 1 I have said before that Carol likes her sex hard and fast. The rougher...
  2. Slapped


  3. IMG_5031 conv.jpeg

    IMG_5031 conv.jpeg

    I love to be spanked.
  4. Sexy babe

    Sexy babe

    Nice ass
  5. Spanked Pawg

    Spanked Pawg

    Bull left her cheeks sore
  6. 46C9F6AB-A259-494D-BAB3-61D42351A9C6.jpeg


    Needs to be spanked
  7. IMG_0248.JPG


    start the wife on a dildo , then norder a new one bigger but black and blame the sex toy company for sending the wrong colour ...she loves it
  8. Putting hubby in his place.

    Putting hubby in his place.

  9. 20180115_230144.jpg


  10. IMG_1499-kucuk.mp4


    sub wife's first spanking
  11. Exhibicouple89

    My Sexy wife spanked for her bull

    Hi, this is my Sexy wife, being spa kid for her bull
  12. xtranaughtyslut

    Please Welcome "XtraNaughty Slut's" Arrival

    Hi, May I Introduce my Very Naughty Wife, Please Welcome "XtraNaughty Slut"