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    Surprise At Hotel Room

    I visited my family during new Year eves and after a while I saw my wife drinking and talking to my cousin. After the party my wife and I headed home and I asked her what they were talking about and she told me he told her he wanted to fuck her. I also asked her if she also liked him and she was...
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    I want to surprise my wife with a gangbang or orgy

    My wife and I have done soft swap and full MMF. But I’d like to surprise her with a gangbang or orgy. Any ideas on how I could get this set up? Also if you are in the Memphis TN or Desoto County MS area would you like to join in?
  4. Bra and Panties with Heels

    Bra and Panties with Heels

    Two years ago an old college buddy of mine was in South Florida on vacation and came by to visit. We had not seen each other in 35 years and we invited him to stay in a spare bedroom. My wife came out in heels and matching panties and bra. I had told her this guy managed to fuck all my girlfriends