1. S

    Shes gettimg closer ;)

    Good morning, afternoon or evening. Ill start off with this statement, I'm so lucky and my GF is absolutely gorgeous and oozes sexuality. She's 48yrs, spent all her life as a vegetarian which i believe is the reason she shows almost no signs of aging on her skin. She's such a prim proper...
  2. D

    Pawg dirty text

    When she texts you this she’s a keeper
  3. Softcuddles

    Wife Texting and Sexting with her Lover

    Here is an excerpt of my wife texting with her lover as she would almost every night.
  4. M

    7.5 inch cock in need of sexting partner

    HMU if ur wife/gf needs to see a different/larger cock than yours. I can and will leave satisfied!
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    BWC Stud looking to text with your wife.

    I'm hot, I feel hot and desired. So should your wife also feel. As long as we can mutually agree on that, I think it would be benifical for your wife, yourself and your relationship if a third party came in. Someone that makes her feel sexy, cherishes her and is attentive to a fault, no matter...
  6. homephotoshoot.JPG


    My wife posing for a picture to text her BULL
  7. MathConor

    BULL lf sexting, dirty talk with wife.

    Hey, There are not many ppl here from Europe, that I just decide to lf somebody from all over the world. I am young and horny man, I can talk with your wife, dirty talk, make her wet, show off myself and she can send me some pictures too, I can cum for you if you like I have big loads of cum so...
  8. 2

    Not Really Sorry, I Think...lol...

    Amusing text for me...she sorta got caught up in the moment. :D