1. C

    Wife's first time at the adult cinema

    The title says it all... It was a funny day, but unfortunately we were alone, however, the thought that the door could open any minute and somebody could see my wife naked pleasing herself was enough to give me a cum explosion.
  2. B

    Before and after the playtime pussy pics???

    I always like to see the pics, and try to see a quick sneak in videos, of a shot view of the woman’s right pussy before the first cock slips in…. The look it has before the good time as opposed to seeing it sloppy when once the party is over amazes me.. sloppy loose, Creampie shots & solo...
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  6. randic69

    What is your favorite theater or adult bookstore

    So far our favorite place was Olivia's in South Dakota. We were passing through on a trip and had a great time in the booths including her getting a double cream pie!
  7. I'm full

    I'm full