1. W

    New Couple Asian/Caucasian

    Caucasian Male / Asian Female couple. Mid 30’s. We go between east Asia and the US. Looking mostly for bbc or bwc.
  2. blackman3285


    West Chester Ohio U.S.

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    Submissive American couple, while she is serving to me her bf watches via ... from the next room. When I am done with her of course he came to clean this slut! :) it was a fun night. He did not want me to fuck her ass but she said it’s totally fine so the little hubby knew his place now :)...
  4. Shhp2021

    BWC traveling to Atlanta seeking Asian/Latina

    Hi All, I’m a 32, single white bull. Originally from the US but living abroad. I’ll be traveling back end of the month. Looking for an Asian hotwife or couple with Asian wife in the Atlanta area. Check out my profile for pics or pm for a chat if you want to get to know more specifics.
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    Erie Pennsylvania looking to get my wife to fuck a monster cock. She did say all comes up that she would do it if I got her new tits. Her tits are just fine. I wanna see her her stretched out cause she admitted to cumming harder when it happened with others