1. dklv69

    Snapchat couple or female

    Hello 😏. We are couple and we are looking for couple or female to swap photos and videos on snapchat😈. Pm us or post here your usernames 😋
  2. J

    Porn recommendations for vanilla wife?

    My wife is very vanilla, but says she is willing to watch porn with me. My hope is to make it a fairly regular thing, and to expose her to big cocks and even average cocks (which are big compared to me). But here are the concerns as far as what will most likely turn her off: 1) Anything that is...
  3. F

    Share videos of your wife being naughty

    Share any video of your wife/gf being naughty. It can be sucking cock, getting fucked, or being a bad girl.
  4. velvetty1

    Cuckquean Videos - WHERE??

    New here! Who else finds that there's a lack in cuckquean porn?? Where do you guys find yours? I feel like Ive seen them all I've been on reddit and just about every possible site there is. Any suggestions?? Thanks
  5. N


    Do any couples share their hotwife adventures via Snapchat, or follow any couples who do?