1. T

    Young BBC London

    As my bio says i’m pretty much only interested in south asian women meaning paki,bengali, indian but also arab and hijabi women. Hoping to meet single women or couples looking for black guys in or around london
  2. O

    north Chicago in the suburbs looking for some fun only desi please

    resident in the north side of Chicago suburb looking for some fun . Willing to Exchange contact information
  3. mobo09

    Bull love milf and hot old women

    I'm 22 bull looking for a online sub may be milf and could be long term, fun if you interested talk to me here or my Gmail 888mobomobo@gmail.com
  4. 7774fb116d579a040e60e2a95a3db2c6.0.jpg


    For your wife dm me if you want more
  5. V

    For married/taken ladies!

    Dom here Looking for playful, secretly fooling around married or taken lady, No matter your age. it's always more fun to play and talk with taken ladies! just DM me
  6. Bigone4u


    Wife has agreed to a threesome. Women ONLY.
  7. alexx

    Check-in in Asia?

    Hi, just want to drop a note here any mistresses/single ladies seeking short term/no strings attached/friends with benefits relationship pls drop me a pm. The writer is a young asian single guy, still bachelor, seeking caucasian/asian/mediterranean/latino ladies ONLY. I am slim, wiry but muscled...
  8. R

    Bull in VA Looking for Hotwife.

    Looking around in the VA area for a new Hotwife. No problem working with others schedule. Based out of western side of the state willing to travel some. Feel free to reply kik also : wellthisisnew69