Amazing first date


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Oct 4, 2020
Recently I had posted about my infertility diagnosis and my wife’s interest in taking a another lover not just for the purpose of getting pregnant but just something different. My wife has always had a bit of a fetish for BBC ever since we moved to the Maryland area and we finally had our first date with a guy this past weekend. It was an amazing concoction of lust and for me some shame and humiliation but I have never been more turned out in my entire life. We were lucky enough to meet a very nice middle-aged BBC for dinner and drinks. I was a little bit astounded at how quickly it all happened but when you sit back and let your wife and her lover take the steering wheel it is an amazing release. I’m not quite sure how long the drive back to the hotel was because it felt like it only took seconds but I had never seen my wife more turned on in our entire 12 years of marriage. We had watched so much porn and it was like living out one of those scenes in real time. The only difference was I could smell taste and hear everything and I couldn’t have been more turned on. Part of the cock holding the fetish for me there’s relinquishing total control and definitely had no control over the situation. The minute his cock entered her mouth I could have let myself on fire and they probably wouldn’t have even noticed I was in the room. I pulled my average dick out and I watch this black man fuck my wife in every conceivable position for what seemed like hours. I have never seen my wife come so hard I have never heard her moan so loudly and when she begged him to make her pregnant I instantly orgasm. At that moment I completely understand The lifestyle. On my best day I could’ve never made her come that hard, or fucked her that long, or came that many times. By the time he left she was a sweaty sheep on the mattress and I finally got to live out my fantasy of cream by cleanup. I’m not sure if we’re going to see him again but I definitely know my wife would love to.